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Under Construction Fruit
Under some construction!


04.01.10 Touched up a few things on the site and then added another painting to the Art section. Have been thinking of changing the design, which I think I may start working on this week.
01.14.10 Updated the about page a wee and loaded my most current resume. Currently working on 2 projects: a gummi bear model and the Planet Express building from the show "Futurama".
07.27.09 Working on the "About" page, added some info about the site layout.
07.23.09 Cleaned up the site a wee. The Contact page is up, but the message form is not yet functioning. Have to figure that one out. I also shrunk the size of some of the images around the site so stuff loads faster. The "About" page is still in progress though, I'm working on it.
07.21.09 Put up the new layout. Still a few pages that need worked on though.