Atlas' Revenge

Atlas' Revenge Movie Poster "Atlas' Revenge" is a short 5 minute film I worked on the last two years of college. It's done to a musical piece with sound effect, but has no character dialogue or sound. It's about a fish named Atlas who lives in his tank in Venice Italy. He's a salt water fish that loves his little world; which contains coral, a sunken ship, plant life, a roman temple, and on top of a coral mountain is a glass globe that is Atlas' home. His best friend is a toy fish that is anchored to the flood with a ball and chain. Atlas' is an extremely happy little fish that is very content is his world. One day the peace is shattered by something being plopped into the tank with him. He zooms off in fright, but when the bubbles clear, it looks like another fish has been added to the tank, an odd fish. He investigates and tries to make friends with it, but to no avail. The other fish is actually a Robofish, an automatic tank cleaner that looks like a fish. It goes on it's way, just sucking up debris in the water. After a while the Robofish starts to get out of control and stats to destroy Atlas' world. It almost knocks his glass globe off the coral mountain, and is the last straw. Atlas' gets the Robofish to suction onto him and it chases him through the tank. Atlas jumps out of the tank and through the loop of the flapper blinds above the tank. Robofish follows and inevitably gets tangled up, and Atlas' tank is now safe. The credits roll, then at the end it cuts to Atlas sleeping in his glass house, a splash, and something is dropped into the tank. Atlas freaks out for a minute, but this time it's actually another fish, a sucker fish. It latches onto the tank wall and waves at Atlas, who then sighs in relief. The End!


I have worked on every part of this short film. I modeled the glass globe that is Atlas' home, which you can see in the movie poster and under the model section of this site. I had a part in the story boarding, animation, and compositing. I was also going to be the voice of the character and recorded some stuff, but ultimately in the end we were running out of time and it was decided that we would have no character dialogue.

My favorite parts of working on the movie were compositing and animation. I ended up being part of the final animation team that went through all the shots to do some touch ups, and in some cases total re-animation. Due to the time restrictions not all of the shots were able to be fixed, which being a perfectionist, I really regret.


View the scenes I animated in the film. Most the shots are pretty short, a little over a second.

  • Shot 38 - Atlas comes out of hiding to get a better look at what has been dropped into the tank.
  • Shot 39 - Atlas gets closer for a better look.
  • Shot 43 - Atlas is a bit perplexed over the Robofish, then spots Hoyte.
  • Shot 44 - Hoyte bobbing in the water.
  • Shot 45 - Atlas gets an idea and swims off in Hoyte's direction.
  • Shot 47 - Atlas drags Hoyte a little closer.
  • Shot 50 - Atlas swims over, grabs a pebble off the floor and tosses it t Hoyte in hopes of getting the Robofish to play.
  • Shot 54- Robofish continues on with it's cleaning.
  • Shot 65 - Robofish gets stuck in a corner between the tank wall and the coral mountain and keeps bumping into the glass.
  • Shot 99 - After a great leap, Atlas enters the water again with Robofish in hot pursuit.
  • Shot 193 - Atlas leads the Robofish away from his house, the glass globe.

Here is some of the preliminary art work I did for my group. We were to propose a location and an artistic design for the film.

Hoyte This is "Hoyte"; the little toy fish that is Atlas' best friend. I decided to make the toy pink so he would stand out from the rest of the world, since the environment consisted of more oranges, yellows, and blues. I thought the pink would make him more appealing and friendly looking to the viewer. Some other groups came up with a yellow or a blue colored Hoyte, but the pink was what won the character. In my original idea I gave the toy a rope tether instead of a chain. I thought the chain would make him look a bit tough or like he was a prisoner with a ball and chain holding him to the bottom of the tank. The chain idea ended up being the final design though.


Atlas/Hoyte Shirt Sketch

I did this drawing as a possible shirt design. Atlas posing with his buddy Hoyte. My design ended up being too detailed for the shirt, so it wasn't used. But then we ended up never getting shirts due to the rush to finish up the movie.

Atlas/Hoyte Shirt back


Robofish shirt front
This is a front for a shirt with the robofish character and the title in red. I had planned this to be the front of the shirt and the image above with Hoyte and Atlas to be on the back.


Arches sketch
The images to the left are of a corner inside the tank that contains coral arches. The colors I chose for the coral are more of an orange and yellow color with the gravel being orange, yellow, and black. The first image is just a sketch i did real quick or the drawing, the second is a lighted version which will be used during the happy parts of the movie. The third is a dark version which will be used for the dramatic/chase scenes. I chose purple for the dark scenes. I wanted to use a different color from the one people usually use for dramatics.... which is red. The coral takes on more of an orange and purple color, and then the gravel turns more black.

My idea for the dark scenes wasn't chosen; it ended up being the cliche red. But the orange and yellow for the coral in the tank was the colors that were chosen; which also happened to be the colors the majority of the groups chose. In the end, the coral arches were not put into the tank since the gag that needed the arches was cut out.

Tank Arches Light Tank Arches Dark


Pirate Ship
This is a concept idea for another corner of the tank. It's a sunken pirate ship based off an old common design for ships in Venice, Italy. The ship I based it off of was originally used as a merchant vessel, but it had the perfect look for a pirate ship.


Room Light
These images are another concept drawing for the interior of the home that Atlas' tank is in. This is looking into the kitchen from the living room area of the home. The sofa if based off a design I found of an old italian leather and wood sofa from the 1900s. The interior of the home was stucco walls in the oranges and yellows with a lot of wood. The first image is a light version, and then the second image is the dark. Again the dark version consists of oranges and purples like the interior tank scenes.

Room Dark


I made these 4 images as backgrounds for our proposal booklet. The first two are bubbles, the 1st one is a top view of bubbles rising to the surface, and the 2nd is a side view of bubbles rising. The 3rd image is of light shining down into clear water with some particles floating around. the last one is looking up through some seaweed.

Bubbles Rising Bubbles Particulate Water Seaweed