Diff_technique Shoes
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Different-technique Shoes

Yes shoes!! Actually the shoe in the center isn't a shoe at all. It's one of those wooden feet you often see in mens dress shoes (at fancy stores like Dillard's or Macys) to keep the shape of a shoe. I thougt it was rather neat. I have never been able to see one out of a shoe. The other 3 shoes in the drawing are just random shoes I found in the closet of the art studio. The purpose of this drawing is to show examples of line, value, shape, and form. I will start in the front and move my way to the back. The first shoe is a high healed women's shoe, that represents line quality. The second is that wooden men's shoe using just value. The third is actually 2 women's high heeled shoes with one propped up against the other. These are shape and form. To do these shoes I took an HD graphite pencil and wrote the word "Shoe" real small all in the area of the shoes. Then the graphite is erased, which leaves the grooves in the paper and I took a 4B charcoal/graphite mix pencil and put in some value around the edges of the shoes. This brought out the words I etched into the paper and gave it a really neat look. The area surrounding the shoes; I took a black pen and wrote Xs around the edges of the piece, over and over eachother to bring some more value. This was quite an interesting piece to do!