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A Little About Me
I'm Shannon Kroll and I love to animate!!! Out of all the aspects of computer animation, I found animating to be the most satisfying. Although I do like to composite, and surprisingly, I don't mind UV mapping. I think I acquired an interest in 3D animation from playing computer games when I was little. At about the age of 9 I became an avid participant in Doom and Unreal Tournament. With both of those games you could create your own levels, guns, and characters using their engines. At the time I didn't try to make my own, but I was obsessed with downloading ones that other people made. It was extremely fascinating!

Then one day my dad introduced me to "Bryce", the 3D modeling program where you make a water/sky background then can stick some objects in it and mess with the materials to make it look cool. I spent so much time on that program. I was young, so it was easy to use and no matter what you did, it always gave you cool results. I got obsessed and would spend a whole day on a single scene. Soon after that I got into a popular game, "Petz" (which I think is now on it's 5th version), which brought on my interest in making websites, so I could display my "Bryce" renders to the world. I remember spending days in front of the computer during summer vacation just working on Bryce or my website, from early in the morning till late at night when I would be kicked off the computer so my parents could go to bed. I would be so hypnotized by the computer that I would often go the whole day without a meal, unless I was forcibly removed and fed.

From then on I was interested in the 3D world. So life went on and circumstances had it, I was put in the right location at the right time and discovered the perfect program at a nearby university. I worked my way towards it and got accepted.

I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA. I was part of a special program there called Digital Media: Visual Language, where they only accept about 30 students every year. For two years I learned animation and worked as a team with the other students to create a movie. It was a wonderful environment with teachers that had been in animation for a long time, and even some people from Disney. (when they used to make cartoons) They tried to simulate the actual working environment and get us to work and rely on each other as a team rather than the normal school environment where the average student is on their own. I have participated in every aspect of movie making, from story boarding, character and environment design, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, and compositing of a final product.

My favorite aspect of computer animation would be the actual animation of the characters and environment. Bringing a character to life is very rewarding!



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About the Site
The current layout is my "Tree" design; so far my 3rd version of the site. I did the image in photoshop; started off with some lines and I just let it take shape on it's own. I must say I am very proud of this design. My original idea was to make a flash site, but unfortunately flash doesn't understand html all that well, it wasn't practical in that I was not able to make the pages easily updatable. So I decided to stick to an html/css site. The main page has an iframe which the pages are loaded into, so the entire layout doesn't have to reload every time the user goes to a diff part of the site.

To the right is a column that has my portfolio items. To scroll up and down the mouse can be positioned over the tufts of grass under the column. At the bottom of the page are three links: "Home" (which will take you back to the main page), "About" (which links to this page with different info about Me, the site, and anything else of interest), and "Contact" (which shows different ways to contact me).


Website version1 This is my first version of the website. I wanted a white layout with bright colors, which lead me to a fruit idea. The top links are fruit wedges, which have corresponding colors to the pages. To the left side of the main banner I was going to put some kind of fruit logo using the fruits from the buttons on the right, but I thought it would be a bit repetitive. After messing around in photoshop a bit, I came up with a cherry, which is also a fruit so all was good. I was a simple site with two frames below the main banner that was change out for each page.

Website version2 My second take on the site. This design was never loaded up on the web. I came up with the current design in the middle of doing this one and just kind of ditched it for the better idea. I was still trying to stick with the white site idea. I chose green for the main color of the site, which made the fruit stand out. The design I was going for was bubbles or drips of juice. Then the top bubbles would change color based on what page you were on to correspond with the fruit button. The site layout stayed the same as the first version, I just added some diff graphics. Something new for this version is I added a bottom banner, so the bottom of the site wasn't so plain and just end in empty space.