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Birthdays Suck

This is an animation I did for the 11SecondClub, in April 2009. This one was different becuase the usual sound clips they give out are dialogue, but this months was just a bunch of sound effects. So you could really let your imagination go with this one. After viewing the other entries for that month I realized mine was pretty imaginative. A majority of the people had bombs and guns that would explode, the kind of idea you would get when you first hear the sound. I wasn't impressed.

I had one month to complete my animation and submit it. I finished the initial animation in 2 weeks and then with some feedback from my peers I tweeked it for another week before submitting. I didn't win the months competition, but I did make a good animation.

I modeled everything in the scene real quick and threw in the free rig, Hogan. The animation consists of beeping, clicking, banging, and an explosion. I tried to make a little story out of it. The character isnt too happy about doing the birthday stuff, grabs a candle off the table tries to light it with a stick lighter, which is where the clicking comes from. In the background is a microwave with a bowl. The lights on the microwave light up for the beeping sounds. The character bangs the lighter on the table a bunch then tries to light the candle again, but the carrot on the cutting board explodes. If I had more time I think I would have added some flames to the carrot, which I may go back and do at a later date.


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